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We help our clients build, manage, and secure their IT environments. We emphasize planning before doing, executing correctly the first time, and proactively supporting users when issues arise. We work best with clients that understand the impact on their time from downed IT systems, see technology as an enabler of greater efficiency and productivity, and desire a partnership with a trusted technology advisor.


For clients with multiple locations or limited IT staff onsite, we deploy Cisco Meraki networks that can be managed remotely. The network settings are preconfigured by our team so that installation day itself is a breeze. For branch office locations, anybody at the site can be guided through the physical setup of wires, after which the equipment auto-configures itself. Your network will be operational and secure in minutes rather than days. We are a Cisco-certified Select Partner.

RingCentral VOIP Phone Systems

RingCentral eliminates the complexity of an on premises phone system by moving all the back-end PBX hardware to the cloud. You get a full-featured phone system that can include desk phones, an iOS/Android phone app, video conferencing, voicemail-to-email, fax, group lines, and many other features, for one low price per user per month. We are authorized by RingCentral to deploy and configure their phone systems and to deliver Level 1 support.

OFFICE Relocations

Moving to a new office or setting up a branch office? We help you select your internet providers, optimize your WiFi coverage, specify the number and location of ethernet ports and power outlets, and coordinate with your architects and contractors to ensure your space can support support future IT growth. We’ll also set up your conference rooms, phone systems, printers and other IT kit so you’re running flawlessly on Day One.

Google Apps

Simple to set up. Easy to use. Familiar to your staff. Google Apps is extremely popular with schools, non-profits, and businesses that want to scale. We migrate your office from other email systems to Google Apps, and we setup, configure, and manage these environments. We handle licensing, user onboarding/offboarding, Chromebook device management (for schools), data integration with other cloud systems, and user training and support. We are Google-certified Administrators.

Sophos DATA Security Products

Computers and cloud systems are replaceable. Data is not. How do you ensure your users and partners are handling your company and client data in a safe and secure way? We have partnered with Sophos to deliver solutions that protect your network, cloud systems, and end users’ computers. Through Sophos policies we can define which computers to encrypt, what applications to allow or forbid, and which websites to restrict.

IT Security Audits

Great IT systems are useless without good data security practices. The cost of a data breach is measured not only in the loss of intellectual property or client data, but also in the reputational damage and financial penalties that may be imposed. We help clients establish IT policies; periodically review end-users’ IT habits; identify deviations from regulatory requirements such as GDPR and CCPA2018; and we train your staff on best practices.

Microsoft Office 365

Robust. Comprehensive tools. Built for enterprise. Microsoft Office365 delivers an all-in-one solution for office email, collaboration, and MSOffice software, in a format that will be familiar to many users. We migrate your office from old-school email systems and on-premises Microsoft Exchange servers to Office365, and we manage these environments through user onboarding/offboarding, mail spam filter modifications, and data integration with other cloud systems.

Email + Data Migrations

Tired of your old-school email system or -gasp- still using an on-premises email server? We will help you define your email and file storage requirements; guide you through the available choices; and complete the migration of your data to your new platforms. We manage the extensive planning, preparation, communication and training required for successful migrations, so you can focus on all the other things on your to-do list.

managed it services

While IT systems have become simpler overall, the threats to them have increased exponentially each year. We proactively manage your networks, cloud systems, and end-user computers by installing tools that keep them up-to-date, and by actioning any reported threats. And when your end-users are experiencing issues with their computers or with an online service, our experienced IT support staff are a quick phone call or email away.


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