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Securing your IT


We help limit your IT risk

The annual growth in IT attacks and the endless discovery of new vulnerabilities means that it is not a matter of IF, but WHEN, a company’s systems will be targeted. Hoping for the best is a guarantee of getting the worst. We help clients evaluate their compliance with industry best practices and regulations such as GDPR. We develop and modify policies to that take them from their current to the desired state. And we train their staff to enhance the likelihood of compliance.


IT Audits & Security Assessments

Are you trying to close new business and your client is asking for an audit of your IT environment before signing the deal? Are you trying to remain compliant with increasingly complex data security requirements. Or are you perhaps just looking to sleep comfortably at night knowing your IT environment is secure?

Every audit begins with us listening to your concerns and learning about your IT practices, which we then compare against best practices. We develop our analysis and present it confidentially to your management team with recommendations for immediate and ongoing action.


Policy Development

What is your organization’s contingency plan if your headquarters office is rendered unusable because of an earthquake, flood, or hurricane? What happens if a key employee leaves the organization to a competitor, with company data in their possession? How do you ensure you are compliant with GDPR and CCPA2018?

We help you develop your policies for Business Disaster Recovery (BDR), Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Regulatory Compliance (example: GDPR and CCPA2018), and Employee Digital Codes of Conduct, and we periodically update them to reflect the latest realities.


Staff Training

Culture eats policy for breakfast.

The beautiful IT policies you paid us to develop are useful only when your team is trained on how to put them into practice. We arrange discussions/forums to answer questions and clear up any confusion among your staff. If we are also engaged as your managed IT service provider, we will provide real examples of deviations from policy within your own team, which can be used as teachable moments. Our role as an outsider helps us broach these sensitive topics without the awkwardness that internal staff may experience.



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