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Total Support for Staff, Students, and Administrators

Schools experience unique challenges and opportunities stemming from in-class technology (EdTech), varying levels of tech familiarity among educators, and budget constraints. Smart Sourced IT helps schools articulate their specific needs, transition to these new technologies, maintain the systems, and support the users when issues arise.


Gone are the days of blackboards, paper, and pencil. Students at the modern school use computers and tablets to take their class notes. Teachers use interactive displays to present their lesson plan, and to send quizzes to the students’ computers. In the tinkering lab, students learn about 3D printing, robotics, and programming. Administrators monitor progress of the learning experience through centralized reporting systems, and parents receive around the clock updates on attendance and class performance through apps on their mobile devices.

Making this vision a reality requires a team of IT professionals who can help school administrators define the overall strategy, implement it, and get people to use it.

Proactive IT Support

All the fancy kit a school acquires, or even the older economical kit it wants to keep, will not manage itself. Hoping things won’t break, or that staff will figure things out for themselves, is not a strategy.

Teachers and students have immediate needs when technology does not work. Wouldn’t it be better to continuously monitor and manage the system so that issues are avoided before they rise to the level of a crisis? Wouldn’t your users be amazed that a defective computer was identified and replaced before it failed? Wouldn’t it be more productive to know that a certain area of your school building has weak WiFi coverage and that a solution has been proposed without you asking for one?


Chief Information Officer

CIO’s have numerous responsibilities around technology architecture, vendor management, budgeting and compliance. Smart Sourced IT fulfills this role for our education clients.

Because we speak “tech”, we know how to define to IT vendors the systems architecture and exact components a school needs to purchase. When discussions with boards are required to explain and justify budget requests, we’ll help by defining the total cost of ownership of different technologies and highlighting the pros and cons of various choices. And because we manage IT environments on an ongoing basis, we can ensure that staff and their systems remain compliant with school and regulatory policies.



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