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We work with numerous software vendors, hardware vendors, and service providers to deliver to full suite of services our clients need. Below is a sampling of the few of our more prominent partners.


Comcast Business

We work with Comcast to determine whether an address is serviceable for their High Speed Internet products.  If the site is serviceable, we facilitate the upgrade discussion with our clients, and are on hand when Comcast arrives to ensure the equipment is configured exactly as needed for our clients' operations. When issues arise with the service, we’re able to work on your behalf to get resolution quickly.


Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki makes cloud-managed, enterprise-grade network equipment.  These systems are well suited for the business with multiple locations and remote outposts where IT staff is not locally available to troubleshoot network issues.  The entire network can be managed and reconfigured remotely via a web interface.  We are authorized resellers of Cisco Meraki equipment.



Dropbox is the standard-bearer of cloud-based file sharing. The company provides both consumer-grade and business-grade file sharing solutions.  Among the many advantages of the business grade solution are increased storage space and file-level access permissions.  We help clients identify the folder structures they will need to maintain within Dropbox, and to whom should access rights and permissions be given.




When it comes to Hosted VoIP telephony, RingCentral is the best recognized brand in the business.  We help our clients' define their specifications and translate those into a list of equipment and monthly plans.  We pre-configure the phone system and set up the phones once they arrive.  And we train our clients' staff on new phone system features as they are rolled out.



The world of ever-increasing digital threats means that no device is 100% secure.  Sophos provides a broad range of digital defense tools (like anti-malware, web filtering, and firewalls) for Windows PCs, Macs, Linux platforms, and mobile devices.  Sophos is SSI's exclusive provider of these tools, and our staff are trained and certified by Sophos in their use.