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From Canvassers to Board Members

A non-profit’s focus on its mission should not be interrupted by technology that doesn’t work and systems that don’t talk to one another. Additionally, nonprofits -more than other organizations- experience a wide range of tech skills among their staff, requiring systems that are simple to operate, easy to understand, and cost-effective. Creating this balance is something we do quite well here at Smart Sourced IT, and we succeed by defining needs, implementing the solutions, and training and supporting the staff.



That new system that was donated to your non-profit is useless without a coherent strategy on how it will integrate with the business processes of your organization. How will data pass from this system to your other platforms? Will it be intuitive to your users? How does it fit into the overall IT strategy? A donated system should fit well with your other systems and require a minimum of your time, money, and focus.

Aligning your IT systems with an overall vision requires a team of professionals who can talk tech to IT vendors and simplify that language into key points that your leaders can use to make a decision.



You’ve defined the systems you need and are ready to implement them. Who’s going to do that for you? Will you need to coordinate many vendors to make it happen? Does the implementation involve other aspects that you’re not clear on?

Smart Sourced IT handles the entire implementation process on your behalf. We build project plans that consider all the moving parts needed to make implementation a success. We coordinate with your vendors and report back to you when milestones are met or questions need to be answered.


And Train and Support Your Staff

Aside from planning your needs, what separates successful IT implementations from failed ones is an adequate budget of time, money, and executive commitment to staff training and support.

Although IT systems have become easier to implement overall, they remain as difficult as ever for some people to understand, and they may necessitate new business workflows that have to be taught to your staff. We’ll help you think of these things, and your team will thank you for an implementation that happened with them rather than for them.



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