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The Concept

Your Inhouse IT Heroes NEED A BREAK

The first line of IT defense is the internal IT staff.  Because most small businesses cannot afford such a position, or have funds for fewer people than needed to do the job properly, employees who shows interest are volunteered into a quasi-IT role.  These volunteers lack the daily IT focus and sophisticated tools to detect smoldering tech problems before they escalate into full-blown fires.

We tip our hats to these unsung heroes, these firefighters.  But there is a better way.


Our IT management ethos emphasizes preventive maintenance.  Rather than fighting IT fires, wouldn't it be better to automate and centrally monitor many of the maintenance tasks that preempt fires in the first place? Wouldn’t your users feel valued by having an IT support desk ready to help them in a pinch? And wouldn’t your finance people appreciate a flat monthly fee for this support?

We employ a team of IT experts to support your environment at a fraction of the cost you’d incur to hire them internally.

Three Plans, Flat Pricing

Our Basic plan includes device health monitoring, OS patch management and third-party software updates, remote backups, and anti-malware protection.

Our Plus plan adds unlimited support, website filtering, and management of 1 line of business application.

Our Pro plan includes all the above as well as device encryption, Mobile Device Management (MDM), data loss prevention, and management of 3 line of business apps.



Three Plans, Simple Pricing

starting at $60/user/month

Basic - 5000px.png


  • Device Health Monitoring

  • Third-Party Software Updates

  • OS Patch Management

  • Anti-malware protection

  • Remote Backups

Plus - 5000 px green on white.png


  • All of BASIC, and…

  • Web filtering

  • Management of 1 Line-of-Business Application

  • Unlimited access to the support desk

Pro - 5000px green on white.png


  • All of PLUS, and…

  • Device encryption

  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)

  • Data loss prevention (DLP)

  • Management of 3 Line-of-Business Applications



Tired of Fighting IT Fires?


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Managed IT Services FAQ

What Is a Managed Service Agreement?

A managed service agreement (MSA) is a relationship your company undertakes with us, whereby we serve as your contracted IT department for most IT issues that arise during any given day.  You pay a flat fee per month for a defined set of IT services, and we maintain an availability window during which we must respond to your IT support requests within a certain period of time (this is called an "SLA" or Service Level Agreement).  We also maintain your systems after hours (server maintenance, network maintenance, and desktop / mobile device maintenance).  The emphasis of this program is preventive maintenance as opposed to reactive maintenance.

How much does it cost?

An MSA varies in price based on the number of users and computers, the technical complexity of the environment, and several other factors. Pricing starts at $120/user/month and includes proactive IT maintenance and access to our support desk. Higher level plans include additional capabilities. Different plans will suit businesses at different stages of growth.

But can we get your services on a Time & Materials basis?

Yes, but at a higher rate, and only as a trial period leading to a managed services agreement.  The fact is, we cannot keep the lights on, pay staff, and maintain our sophisticated infrastructure while relying on clients who may or may not call for assistance.  Clients under contract understand the need for ongoing IT support, and they get more immediate support than ones without a contract.  Meanwhile, the clients without a contract continue to expect a level of service that we will increasingly be unable to provide, as we focus more on our contracted clients.  Therefore, after 2-3 months of working together on a time and materials basis, we will have a good sense of whether a long-term IT relationship is possible and, if so, we will discuss with you a transition to a managed service agreement.

How does Smart Sourced IT deliver its support?

We work primarily remotely.  There are many excellent tools that allow us to deploy software updates onto your machines, remote screen share with you when we need to see what's happening, and even remote wipe a stolen laptop or pinpoint the location of a missing mobile device (provided it is connected to a network).  Obviously, when "boots on the ground" are required, we will be there.

What Types of Computers, mobile devices, and Cloud Services do you Support?

We pride ourselves on being ecosystem agnostic. Whether you use Google Apps or Office365, Windows, Mac, or Chromebooks, Android or iOS, we will support your team.  Need to install a server onsite or host one virtually on Amazon or Azure? We will support you.  Need to transition from one ecosystem to another?  We’ll be there for you.

What makes you different from other Managed Service Providers?

Two things: Our ecosystem-agnostic approach, and our service delivery model.

First, many MSP’s focus on a few technologies and develop depth of experience in those areas.  In the interest of efficiency and cost control, they insist that their clients use these technologies, which makes sense for certain things like email and file sharing.  But the world is changing.  Individuals see their choice of technology as an expression of their identity.  As a case in point, look inside companies that would have previously been exclusively Windows-based organizations, and count the number of glowing Apple logos.  Managed IT service providers who stubbornly refuse to support various platforms are effectively diminishing end-user productivity.  It’s like asking an artist to paint with a brick… doable, but perhaps not the best use of tools.

Second, we deliver white glove service.  This means listening more than speaking, asking a lot of questions, and establishing the nature of the problem before deploying the fix for you.  And how we communicate that solution needs to be suited to the individual’s preferred method of communication: some people prefer email, while others may prefer phone calls or instant messages.  Regardless of the communication channel, we take a proactive stance in managing the issue, deploying the fixes ourselves, rather than waiting for an update from the end-user on whether or not a set of suggested steps fixed the issue.

What kind of clients do you serve?

In choosing clients, we start with a basic premise: Our clients are not technologists.  Some of them may have an affinity for technology, but their domain expertise rests elsewhere.  We work with clients who understand this premise, who want to focus on their areas of expertise, and want IT experts to manage their systems.

We also look for clients who have made the mental and philosophical transition away from “IT as a cost center” to “IT as an enabler of greater profitability”.  When IT is treated as a cost center, decisions are build around cost containment; issues are dealt with after they’ve become emergencies; and system purchases are made with less study and forethought into future needs.  Conversely, when IT is treated as a profit-enabler, decisions around expenditure are more deliberate and longer-term in outlook.

Finally, we look for clients who are good people, who treat their employees and customers well, who look for long-term relationships with their vendors, and who will let us earn their trust.