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How to Protect Your Online Security - A 4-Pillar Approach

The last few years of IT news have featured numerous stories of the theft of customer data from well-known companies, cyber attacks on government agencies, and the exposure of security flaws in countless software and websites (see references).  It is no longer a matter of “if” your personal data will be compromised, but “when, where, and how".  To that end, the intention of the next few blog posts is to recommend additional safeguards to protect your identity and that of your business.

Threats will come from three types of actors: Governments, Hackers/Thieves, and those known to you.  Our recommendations will not protect you if you are the target of sanctioned government snooping, as many online services will -when subpoenaed- share information about you with government agencies.

Our recommendations are built on four pillars (each has its own blog post):

  1. Protect your computer

  2. Protect the online services you use

  3. Secure the communication tunnel through which your computer reaches these services.

  4. Secure yourself from unauthorized internal use

In this interconnected digital world, your actions have consequences not just for yourself, but for those you know, near and far.  Take great care and be vigilant.

In our next post we will address the first of these pillars: Protecting Your Computer.

Raffi Patatian